Dr méd. Stéphane Smarrito

SMA-accredited specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
Specialist in surgery

Work experience

since 2005 Clinique de Montchoisi: Plastic and aesthetic surgeon
Founder of the Laser Centre Riviera Clinic Lausanne and Vevey: aesthetic medicine and laser treatments
2005–2007 Surgical division, Prof Mimoun, Paris, and private surgical practice in Paris
2004–2005 Clinic director and deputy of aesthetic surgery division under Prof Mimoun at the Rothschild Hospital, Paris
2003–2004 Clinic director at the severe burns division of the CHU Saint Antoine, Paris
2002–2003 Clinic director in infantile reparative plastic surgery at the St-Vincent de Paul Hospital, Paris


Member of the Swiss association of former clinic directors
Member of the association of plastic surgeons
Member of the French society for aesthetic and reparative surgery
Inter-university degree in microsurgery, university degree in hand surgery, inter-university degree in otology, master's in science and surgical anatomy
SMA postgraduate diploma in aesthetic and reparative plastic surgery
Specialist complimentary diploma (DESC) in aesthetic and reparative plastic surgery (DESC)


  • 2016 - IMCAS Annual World Congress - Paris : The combined nymphoplasty
  • 2016 - University Diploma Day- Nîmes : Labiaplasty from the shadow to the light
  • 2016 - First Symposium of GRIRG - Paris : How to choose his device of genital restoration
  • 2016 - Dubai Congress - Dubai : Sex lifting surgical classification of labia hypertrophy
  • 2016 - 29th SOFCEP Congress – Bordeaux : The plastic surgeon of tomorrow, Medicine and intimate surgery, Labiaplasty
  • 2016 - GYNMONACO Congress - Monaco : Why use the adipose in genital rejuvenation ?, How to transfer to the genital restoration the acquired experiences of the plastic correction and the esthetics of the sexual and relational body ?, Mammary plastic correction and intimate surgery, The genital restoration in the daily practice, the European experiences. Practical and economic aspects
  • 2016 - GAPS Congress - Reims : Total genital restoration in intimate surgery
  • 2016 - 14th day of SFDCE - Paris : New techniques of injectable applied to the genital sphere, the adipose and PRP
  • 2017 - ISAPS Symposium -  Marseille
  • 2017 - SOFCEP Congress - Marseille : Scientific Director of the session, Nymphoplasty : new surgical algorythm, Secondary nymphoplasty
  • 2017 - Asia Congress - Bali : Surgical classification of labia hypertrophy, Cadaver dissection injection of vagina, Cadaver dissection injection of labia minora
  • 2017 - Asia Congress - BEJING : Surgical classification of labia hypertrophy, Sex lifting, The future of intimate surgery
  • 2018 - INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP- Paris : Live demonstration of sex-lifting, lipofilling, injection of HA


La fin d’un tabou féminin
Interview avec l’un des experts mondiaux les plus respectés dans le milieu de la chirurgie intime, le Dr Stéphane Smarrito de la Clinique de Montchoisi à Lausanne.